Rectified and Quasi-Resonant (QR)/CCM Flyback Controllers Wide Voltage Range

The electric power formula P=IU shows that in order to increase the charging power, either the voltage or the current must be increased. In the case of the same power, the higher the voltage, the smaller the current passing through the car line. It can be known from Joule's law Q=I2Rt that the resulting power loss is also smaller.

Therefore, increasing the voltage of the battery pack can not only reduce the energy/power consumption loss, but also increase the motor drive efficiency. That's why more and more automakers are taking "increasing bus voltage" as their next development direction.

The new IC also integrates synchronous rectification and a quasi-resonant (QR)/CCM flyback controller, which can achieve over 90% efficiency and easily meet the most stringent OEM requirements.

In the b range and reverse thrust mode, the power control rod and the propeller control assembly are directly interconnected, and the gas generator speed increases as the propeller blade angle gradually decreases according to a predetermined plan.

With the power lever positioned above the range, the propeller control lever operates the propeller control assembly. Therefore, the speed range over which the propeller is controlled is determined and limited.

The third lever, called the start lever, is used to select the high or low idle rpm range and to cut off the fuel supply to stop the engine. Fuel nozzle propeller feedback slip ring, select valve fuel bleed is supplied by free turbine drive compressor, exhaust pressure sensor engine.

The aircraft supplies the propeller control lever start lever power lever booster pump, PT6 engine and propeller control system.

Silicon carbide MOSFETs are not only suitable for a wide voltage range from 600V to 10kV, but also have the excellent switching performance of unipolar devices.

After using 1700V withstand voltage silicon carbide, the highly integrated InnoSwitch IC can reduce the number of components in the entire power supply by up to 50%, saving a lot of board space. Now we can design the emergency power supply with fewer components, which will greatly improve the safety of the car and the reliability of the system.

Although the price of SiC material is high, it has obvious advantages in improving efficiency and cruising range, as well as enhancing system reliability. Therefore, from this point of view, it is more cost-effective to use silicon carbide MOSFETs.