Yanbian delta step-down ADG1219 switch completes the translation loop of the system

The EV-ADF4401ASD2Z includes the ADF4401A TL SiP with integrated VCO, a loop filter (5MHz), a PFD, a USB interface, and voltage regulators.

This circuit is able to compare frequency and phase simultaneously, so no additional circuitry is required to steer the frequency to a predetermined output frequency. The HMC3716 becomes the external PFD, completing the offset loop. The high frequency operating range and ultra-low phase noise floor of the HMC371 make it possible to design wideband loop filters.

The LT6200 op amp in the LPF configuration attenuates high frequency spikes, while the ADG1219 switch completes the translation loop of the system.

The advantage of using Yanbian delta step-down starting is: without autotransformer, by adjusting the tap ratio of the stator winding, different values of starting current and starting torque can be obtained, so as to meet different application requirements.

Braking of three-phase cage-type asynchronous motors During the process from cutting off the power supply to completely stopping the rotation of three-phase asynchronous motors, due to the existence of inertia, it always takes a period of time to achieve, which often cannot meet the technological requirements of some production machinery, so it is often Some measures are adopted to make the motor stop quickly after cutting off the power supply, which is called braking.

The method of using a mechanical device to make the motor stop quickly after disconnecting the power supply is called mechanical braking.

5G New Radio (NR) technology has become a mature technology. We are pleased to further expand the areas of cooperation between the two parties.

6G will leverage heterogeneous networks and the convergence of communications and computing to support the wireless connectivity fabric. Through our 6G partnership with Samsung, we are able to optimize our software-driven test solutions, which are critical for developing differentiated 6G products.

Samsung's 6G strategy is to fully integrate the company's expertise in communication technology with software and artificial intelligence capabilities, and the signing of this memorandum of understanding will greatly advance the implementation of this strategy. By joining forces with Keysight, Samsung will be able to make a significant impact on the connectivity, health and safety of human society through 6G.