High-Side and Low-Side Gate Drivers Best Choice for Economical Binocular Vision Products

The ACT85610 PMIC has built-in Power Loss Protection (PLP) for solid-state drives (SSD), hot-swap devices, and industrial applications. The ACT88329 is a highly configurable PMIC with five voltage rails and an integrated sequencer for flexible reconfiguration without PCB changes, ideal for powering wearables, FPGAs, video processors and SSD applications choose.

The Qorvo PAC5524 High Pin Count 70V Power Application Controller® (PAC) is one such high performance, large memory, flash-based product featuring a 150MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4F core with an integrated power management system, high side and low-side gate drivers and signal conditioning components.

The Qorvo PAC5556 is a mixed-signal system-on-chip (SoC) featuring a fully programmable Arm Cortex-M4F digital processor in a 10mm × 10mm package that reduces bill of materials (BOM) costs by up to 35%.

RV1106 and RV1103 have the following six core technical advantages:

RV1106 and RV1103 use Cortex-A7 CPU and high-performance MCU, built-in Rockchip's self-developed 4th generation NPU, high computing precision, support int4, in8, int16 mixed quantization, int8 computing power is 0.5TOPs, int4 computing power can reach 1.0TOPs.

RV1106 and RV1103 use Rockchip's self-developed third-generation ISP3.2, which supports 5 million and 4 million pixels respectively, and supports HDR, WDR, multi-level noise reduction and other image enhancement and correction algorithms. It can realize full-color black light, and the effect of backlight and strong light shooting is clearly visible. RV1106 and RV1103 can support 2-3 channels of MIPI/DVP input, which is the preferred solution for economical binocular vision products.

Promote the utilization of renewable energy and the introduction of environmentally friendly production equipment. In fiscal 2021, in addition to using 100% renewable energy for electricity consumption at major sites in Japan (Kyoto Station Building and Shin-Yokohama Station Building), the German factory that produces SiC wafers and the Chikugo factory in Fukuoka, Japan, which will be completed in 2021 The new SiC plant also uses 100% renewable energy.

These measures have enabled the main production process of ROHM SiC wafers to be powered by renewable energy.

In the medium-term management plan, the ROHM Group has set a goal of using 100% renewable energy for electricity used in business activities by 2050, and plans to gradually implement this goal at its sites in Japan and abroad.